Apartment Living: September Style Guide

No matter the size of your space, everyone deserves to turn their house into a home, and sometimes it’s the smallest additions that make the biggest difference! For some insight and inspiration this month, check out our September Style Guide for Apartment Living below.

1. While it’s important to have fun with styling and mixing together different looks, why not introduce a three-way colour combo that suits your personality as well as the space you occupy? Neutral tones are always safest if you need to lighten or open up your room, or stick to complementary colours that promote longevity as well as staying on trend. Our favourites? Think shades of grey, navy, blush or rose gold, or maybe splashes of emerald green against your neutral whites, woods, browns and taupe.

2. Because most apartments are ‘boxy’ or designed to satisfy small inner-city spaces, why not add some curves? Round tables make for great space-savers, as well as curved light pendants, a feature vase, round rug or bowls. To maximise your space and minimise the clutter, consider ladder shelving: store your books, personal pieces and favourite wares, or get creative and store your jewellery, photo frames and more.

3. A rug can also liven up a room and make it feel larger. Consider warm, neutral colours, and subtle textures like a jute or a chic cowhide.

4. Make use of your walls by installing floating shelves, as they offer storage space without the bulkiness of a bookcase or chest of drawers. While you’re at it, installing curtain rods a few inches below the ceiling instead of right above the window frame will draw the eye upward and make windows seem taller. The same trick works to visually expand a window’s width, if you hang the rods a few inches past the sides of the panes.

5. Use art as an anchor to unite your kitchen and living areas, as well as create sense of calm in your bedrooms. The key to using art successfully in small spaces is to opt for large, over-scaled pieces. A large canvas instantly adds a graphic focal point while also offering a source of colour to inspire paint and décor that instantly personalises your space.

6. Be resourceful with your storage solutions: if your apartment is small but you need to tap into the best of both worlds, consider doubling up on practical furniture uses like your dining table as a work-space, or investing in a sofa bed (or one that comes with storage space underneath). Corners are often also the most overlooked area of a home, which can act as a great spot to squeeze in an accent chair or a corner bookshelf, making your room more livable.

Because apartments are usually smaller than homes and designed for a lock up and leave convenience, space inside is usually rather limited. As such you need to figure out your priorities and how they fit into your lifestyle, and allocate accordingly. For example, some people need a desk area, but not a dining area. Others want a living room and might prefer a bed that folds up!

It’s important to make the space work for your needs and don’t hold yourself to what is traditional in a home. It’s your home, after all! Get creative and make it your own.


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